Ordering Service


All prices quoted are gross prices

  • Price single photos  =  3,00 €
  • Price photo-gallery 1 / 18 photos  = 51,00 €
  • Price photo-gallery 2 / 17 photos  = 48,00 €
  • Price photo-gallery 3 / 11 photos  = 30,00 €
  • Price photo-gallery 4 / 15 photos  = 42,00 €
  • Price Special / 10 photos of your choice = 25,00 € instead of 30,00 €

Order processing

Please follow these steps when ordering:

  • state required single photo with code no. (e.g. MHL101)
  • state required photo-gallery
  • state required personal details. Areas shown as compulsory must be correctly completed.
  • state the 4-numbered code (the combination is necessary to prevent misuse and spam-mail!)
  • order by clicking on ´Send´
  • after receipt of order you will receive a confirmation of the order, which is also valid as the bill.
  • On receipt of payment you will have a Username and password with which you can log in and download single photos and/or photo-galleries. (Galleries always as ZIP-File)
  • Attention! Access to the information is available for a maximum of 7 days after posting to your email address

Ihre Bestellung:

Order of single photos, photo-galleries and books.
(Please state here all required photos with their numbers and/or details of the complete photo-gallery and/or the number of books required.)

Now please state your personal details:

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