The Story About My Hair

It all began when I was a child.  The love of long hair came from my grandmother.  She had such wonderful hair.  Every time I looked at it I could only dream of having such beautiful hair too – silky, glossy and as soft as feathers.  My grandmother´s splendid mane of hair simply fascinated me. The incentive and my heart´s desire was to achieve my goal of beautiful, long hair.  Her hair was not as long as mine is today, but she always had two especially thick and wonderful plaits which would outshine my hair today.

Susanne Kalb

As can be seen on the photos, I didn´t have very thick hair as a six-year-old child.  Nevertheless, my desire to have long, thick, beautiful hair was so strong that it gave me the necessary staying power to be patient in reaching my goal.  This could offer encouragement to those people who are not blessed with such beautiful, thick hair.  Ultimately I am the best example of how one can achieve this goal with time and patience.

Until I was 16 years old I had my hair cut regularly, so sometimes it was a bit shorter, sometimes longer and sometimes even very short.  I learnt this from my mother.  This method makes the hair fuller and stronger.  My measly thin plaits turned into wonderful thick hair in this time.

The years went by and my hair had reached a superb length.  At parties and other events I felt everyone´s gaze was on me.  At first this was not so pleasant.  I had to learn how to deal with the amazed or curious gazes and sometimes even the envious stares.  People looked at me – or should I say – at my hair – and  saw it as something special, something unusual and sometimes as something exotic.  On the other hand, these experiences flattered me and gave me increasing self-confidence.

Susanne Kalb

Given time, I felt rewarded for the hard work and effort required to have and maintain a beautiful mane of hair as I became the centre of attention again and again.  Many people just stopped me on the street and asked me numerous questions, e.g. if my hair was real, how I cared for it, or how I managed it in my daily routine.

Even when a person isn´t lucky enough to be blessed with long, healthy hair, she/he can achieve this goal with time and patience.  I am the best evidence for this.